Outplacement During the States of Change

Change security entails outplacement

A change security law came into effect on 1 January 2017. The law pertains to situations where a business has to dismiss personnel on productional or economic grounds. In such cases, the employer is obligated to offer the personnel coaching that promotes employment. Employment-promoting coaching is not only required by law, but it is also a humane gesture to the employees that promotes the employer image. It is important for coaching to be carried out in a professional manner with appreciation for the coachees and so that it is of clear, practical benefit to them.


It is important for dismissed employees to have quick access to a place where they can air their feelings and clear their thoughts without burdening their former work community or stakeholders. The HRS Advisors coaches help to build a positive, realistic, goal-oriented, and personalised career story. Our coaching services also include leadership and management coaching for situations involving dismissal, as well as coaching of the remaining personnel. We would be more than happy to tell you about these services as well, so please contact us.

Coaching for individuals and groups

Outplacement can be delivered to individuals or groups and it can consist of anything from a few sessions to a process lasting several months. If an employer has had to part with a number of employees at once, coaching in group form, tailored for the situation, may be in order.


A tailored coaching programme for just the right need

Coaching involves concentrating on matters that are important to each person or group in whatever order they find the topics relevant. Even though the coaching programmes are tailored, they always contain certain core items that are addressed with the help of down-to-earth examples and exercises. The coach helps the participants to think differently and see new opportunities.

Experienced HRS Advisors coaches at your service

HRS Advisors coaches have a long experience in outplacement and recruitments. Because a number of our coaches have also assumed demanding specialized or managerial roles, mentoring can be incorporated in the coaching as well. The coaching is supported by the HRS Advisors business contacts, an extensive employer network, and available vacancies.

Contact us, so we can tell you more about our individual and group coaching services, as well as the mentoring opportunities and the benefits of these services to our customers.