Erika Palomäki

Ever since my days of school and study, I have had the privilege of belonging to many kinds of organisations and a variety of duties and working communities have become familiar to me along the way. A good team and inspiring tasks give me tremendous energy and this is why I could not imagine a better workplace for myself than what HRS is. Working with recruitment and finding the right people for the right roles is both interesting and challenging, with each day bringing along something new.

HRS Advisors is an exciting place to work and I think my methods fit well with the HRS way of operating. HRS Advisors operates with high quality and agility in a customer-oriented manner and I am glad to be part of this remarkable team.

I have many years of experience working with the questions of industrial psychology in occupational health care, where my work has mainly focused on supporting managerial and team work, as well as developing and maintaining occupational well-being on both the personal and the working community levels.

My strong areas of competence include leadership development, change coaching, working community skills, occupational well-being and stress management, as well as mental work capability assessment. Questions related to working life and recruitment have been close to my heart ever since my student days and I have therefore focused strongly on the field of industrial and organisational psychology and psychological assessment in both my studies and working life. In addition, I have completed some marketing psychology studies and leadership and organisational studies, which have deepened my working life competence.

What make me happy are the moments I share with my children, my husband and other family, and my friends. In my free time, I get away from work the best by playing tennis or music, and travelling.