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HRS Advisors is a professional and reliable human resource services provider. We both understand our clients’ business challenges as well as have a deep knowledge of human behaviour. Our consultants have experience of leading business units, working as line managers and creating successful businesses. Our expertise is in recruitment services, leadership development and career counselling. We have worked with many domestic and international organizations in numerous industries. Our offices are located in Espoo, Tampere and Turku, Finland.

Our principles are co-operation, caring and responsibility. We share our knowledge and experience to our client’s advantage. Our aim to create a long-term business relationship with our clients starts with our commitment to quality. Our approach is customer-oriented and we use due care to ensure that clients’ needs are met. We are honest and we know our responsibility.

In the field of recruitment services our services include personality assessment, advertised search and executive search.

Personality assessment

Our personality assessment produces comprehensive information to support successful personnel decisions. Assessment is a valuable tool in recruitment but also in coaching process, developing existing management teams or in evaluating the managerial potential. Assessments consist of in-depth interviews and various tests and tasks determining personality, operating style and different abilities.

All our assessment consultants are fully qualified psychologists with a certificate in psychological personal assessment. Assessments are done in the way that creates added value both for the client and the assessed person.


Advertised search

Advertised search is the best choice in recruiting personnel. By utilising the power of advertising in the relevant and appropriate media we can find the right candidate for the position. We customize the recruitment process based on the customer’s wishes and are able to carry out the entire recruitment process or the agreed stages of it.


Executive search

Executive search is in most cases the best way to find top management, middle management or highly specialized experts. In our executive search process we define the expected profile of the candidate taking into account our client’s strategy and operational environment. We offer our clients an opportunity to carry out a team analysis, which is an interview among essential cooperation partners within the organization and assists us in finding the most suitable person for the particular position. After contacting and meeting potential candidates, the finalist candidates are scheduled for interviews with our client. Once a lead candidate is identified, we ensure the right choice by making personality assessment and reference checks.

We are experienced partners in providing leadership and strategic human resource development solutions that correspond to our clients’ business challenges. Our services include management team development, business coaching, leadership and management development and talent programs.


Management team development

The task of the management team is demanding and through our program we are able to help the team to achieve its goals in a more efficient way. Our aim is to improve cooperation skills in order to achieve greater team effectiveness. Our process is unique for each client, and we consequently tailor our approach to suit the very specific needs of each team.


Business coaching

Business coaching is about making improvements and changes so that you and your business can perform at a much higher level, continually growing. These areas of growth occur both on a personal level, the way you run your business and ultimately the profits you generate. Coaching is a goal oriented process which is custom designed to match individual goals and objectives of the organization. Business coaching can be done in one-in-one training or group coaching sessions.

Leadership and management development

Leadership and management development processes are always customized based on customer’s needs. Our development process focuses on individual guidance and may involve management development audits with feedback and coaching discussions.

Talent programs

Talent programs are usually focused on key personnel and on those whose expertise and know-how is critical for company’s success.


For more information, please contact

Tarja Kohtamäki, +358 40 079 7453

Toni Koskinen, +358 40 742 7525

Pia Paavilainen,  +358 50 305 9217

Seija Raesola, +358 40 775 6150

Maiju Kangas, +358 50 302 7185

Erika Palomäki, +358 40 937 2217

Antti Lahtinen, +358 40 771 8886

Krister Botell, +358 50 304 2410

Kristiina Lehmus, +358 50 396 4686

Outi Kärkkäinen, +358 50 396 1138

Jenny Blom, +358 40 757 4348

Essi Karvonen, +358 40 557 8117

Kalle Metsovuori, +358 50 593 7389



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