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We are skilled at bringing the right people to the right businesses and we work with great heart. Every day our competent, productive, and versatile team is creating better work communities, workplaces, and careers in Finland. Thanks to the extensive Praxi Alliance network, we also serve our customers internationally as necessary. Join us in building a humane working life where businesses and individuals alike can succeed. Contact us today!

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You will find the latest open positions behind the link. You can apply for them directly. In case you would like to be included in our direct searches, please fill in an open application. If you are looking for a suitable employee for an open position, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our Services

We tailor the recruitment process according to your need and offer flexible and efficient solutions across all fields of business.

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Whether it is for a leadership or managerial role or that of a white-collar worker, the HRS Advisors aptitude assessment is a psychological evaluation that will help you find the most suitable person for that role.

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We help individuals and groups to sort out their thoughts in change situations. If necessary, we also offer leadership coaching for managing a difficult situation.

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Leadership Development

The leader plays a huge role in the success of the business, the work community, and the employees. We always plan the development of leadership and managerial activities in a personalised manner.

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