We assist both companies and job seekers in succeeding in international markets. Our extensive experience in international recruitment, including personality assessments, combined with our local partners, ensures a deep understanding of different cultures and labor markets.


Contrary to common belief, the Baltic States are not a homogeneous group of countries, even though they are neighbors with historical connections. Crossing borders in this region means a change in language, religion, culture, and even national sports.

Similar to small economies (including Finland), the Baltic countries are export-oriented. Market movements can have a significant impact relatively quickly, and the responses to situations vary from country to country.

This emphasizes the importance of local expertise because the pool of talent is ultimately limited, and collaboration with a reliable partner is fruitful regardless of economic conditions.

HRS has extensive experience in recruitment, headhunting, and personality assessments in the Baltic States since 2004. We genuinely understand the labor markets in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, each with its unique characteristics.


HRS is an active participant in the Praxi Alliance’s executive search and consulting network, and we continuously share assignments among different countries. The network currently spans over 35 countries, with approximately 200 consultants from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

We execute projects in collaboration with our clients using a selected approach. Often, this means handling executive search or recruitment projects on a turnkey basis in the target country, conducting candidate research projects simultaneously in multiple countries, or fulfilling assignments for foreign companies in Finland.

Praxi Alliance provides a secure, quality-oriented community for all our clients, where we share the same customer promise, adhere to local laws and regulations, and follow the best ethical practices in our industry.



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