Aptitude Assessment by a Psychologist

An aptitude assessment minimises recruitment mistakes

Whether it is for a leadership or managerial role or that of a white-collar worker, the HRS Advisors aptitude assessment, or psychological aptitude assessment, will help you find the most suitable person for that role. Our offices are located in Espoo, Turku, Tampere, and Jyväskylä. We provide service with great agility throughout Finland.

Not all the qualities that are important for playing a role successfully can be detected merely through a job interview. An aptitude assessment is a comparable and impartial way of predicting the suitability of an applicant for the role. The assessment supports successful personnel appointment and facilitates recruitment decisions. It helps us to find a competent and motivated person for the role and avoid making a recruitment mistake.

The information and feedback generated by the aptitude assessment support the development and career planning of the people involved. The assessment can also be used for measuring employee potential in the states of internal change in the business.


Comprehensive tasks and an interview by a psychologist

The aptitude assessment contains many individual tasks. Perception and reasoning power are assessed through tasks with time limits while the modes of behaviour and the motives that are characteristic of the person are measured through tasks without such limits. A single area of competence is always measured in several different ways. The assessment always includes an interview, which connects all the various pieces of the assessment together. In conjunction with the interview and together with the person being assessed, we explore the results of the testing tasks performed in advance by this person. Our objective is for the assessment to be of benefit to both the client and the applicant. Our aptitude assessments are conducted by a trained psychologist and we use only instruments that meet scientific requirements of reliability and validity.

Then we go over the results together with the client in a joint meeting and give our well-founded opinion about each applicant’s aptitude for the role. A written summary is sent also to the person who was assessed. It is advisable to always order aptitude evaluations from appropriate professionals.

Aptitude assessments can also be used for measuring employee potential in the states of internal change in the business.