Janita Taipalus

My interest in work and organizational psychology began right at the beginning of my studies when I had the opportunity to get acquainted with a company specializing in recruiting and personality assessments. The possibilities of utilizing the skills of a psychologist beyond the more traditional clinical work immediately piqued my interest. I am particularly interested in psychological assessment methods and their application in recruitment processes and career guidance. I believe that a well-executed personality assessment can ensure the satisfaction of all parties involved. My career as a psychologist started in the clinical field, which has made client-centered and individualized approach a natural way for me to operate. It is important to me that people feel heard and understood by me.

In a work environment, I value open dialogue and a sense of community, which were important factors in my decision to apply for a position at HRS Advisors. Additionally, HRS provides great opportunities for personal development and the opportunity to collaborate and generate ideas together as a team.

During my leisure time, I find the most relaxation in the company of my family and friends, whether it’s engaging in physical activities or simply watching programs. Over the past few years, my partner and I have been renovating an old house, which has taken up a significant portion of our free time.

It is important to me that people feel heard and understood by me.